Have questions? Of course you do. Hopefully this will help.

1. Who's this membership for?
For anyone working in or committed to diversity & inclusion:

  1. D&I leads at SMBs or earlier stage companies(roughly under 1000 people) that may not have a fully-formed team, program or strategy in place, but want an affordable option to be well-informed, equipped and effective as they implement programs internally, and want daily access to networks and resources that can support their role.
  2. Management in any sized company who are the first points of contact for “people stuff” in their company, who have D&I as a regular part of the work life, and who want to make the connection between industry thought leadership and specific applications to their workplace.
  3. Senior management, CEOs or Board members in larger companies who want to keep a pulse on important news in the area, identify areas of risk management, and be up-to-date on pressing issues that may relate to their company or their specific function.
  4. Anyone with an interest in D&I and learning more about the field.

Actual profiles of members: HR Lead at Harvest, Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Etsy, HR & ID Lead at Remix, and People Officer at MongoDB.

2. What topics can I expect to be covered?
The important part here is how we plan on covering each topic.

We’ll address everything from the latest industry actions or best practices to academic research – diversity on boards or the effectiveness of unconscious bias, for instance – but we digest it and analyze it for you and pull out the tangible takeaways you need to apply in your own workplace.

We may point out key benefits or hidden flaws in strategy, or review a product on the market, or identify clear legal dos and don’t during the hiring process.

We focus on obvious topics – gender or ethnicity – and the less obvious – accessibility or age. We also highlight key dates every month – Sept 15th – Oct 15th is National Hispanic Heritage Month! – and ways you can incorporate programming into your workplace.

Actual topics we’ve covered recently: Having a pregnancy policy may not be enough; A gender parity calculator for your organization; How to address burnout of and backlash against diversity and inclusion efforts; The value of women’s networking groups; Mental health workplace guides and toolkits (for Mental Health Awareness Month); Considerations in queer-friendly UX design; Save the Date: Native American Citizenship Day.   

3. What about the conference calls, what are those about?
These are deep dives that happen at least once a month, where we identify a specific, very tangible and relevant topic, such as parental leave or the effectiveness of unconscious bias training. We bring in topic-area experts for each and let our members listen to and ask questions of them.

Our most recent conference call addressed how effective unconscious bias training really is, and what you need to think about before you implement it internally. 

4. Can you tell me more about the Slack channel?
Dot members have access to a members-only Slack channel to engage with other D&I Leads as they develop and implement programs, learn from the community, share and receive relevant articles or resources, or ask about real-life experiences.

Actual profiles of members: HR Lead at Harvest, Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Etsy, HR & ID Lead at Remix, and People Officer at MongoDB.

Additionally, we have facilitators experienced in D&I who are available to give direction, point out additional resources, answer questions etc. And our experts hop on as well!

A few of our experts and facilitators: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager at Google, Learning & Development Lead at Others Project, and Former VP at Adobe.

Think of it as your own D&I concierge service.

Actual Slack conversations:

Slack Conversations: Article discussion
Slack Conversations: Honest conversation
Slack Conversations: Research share
Slack Conversations: Podcast share
Slack Conversations: Asking for Tips

5. What's the difference between the curated newsletter and expert analysis?
In our curated newsletter – available to all membership levels – you’ll receive a weekly digest of relevant articles we and our experts found that week. Straightforward.

In our expert analysis email – available to our Practitioner Members – you’ll receive additional research, case studies, news items and articles combined with independent analysis and synthesis from our team and our pool of experts that allows you to make direct connections to your work and your own internal initiatives. Kind of like a mini consultant.

6. What else?
You’ll have access to our growing resource database to give you access to things like policy templates, implementation guidelines and frameworks and much more.

We’ll also have consistent offerings from partners in the product, services and event space.

7. Why is this a good business expense?

You have two options:

  1. You can hire someone full-time (or a whole team), or go out and access a network of consultants or management firms to bring your company to the next level. But that’s expensive. For under $500/year, you can get take a few powerful jumps forward at a fraction of the cost, and have access to our expert network in the process, without having to call in the big guns.
  2. You can do the content gathering, analysis, learning, and networking on your own. But that takes time. With our subscription, we do all of this for you, and package it up nicely so that you can execute more quickly on the job.

9. Book club?!? I have to read?
Completely optional! But also great.

We’ve curated two tracks of books – business-specific and “other” (historical, sociological, fiction, etc) – with a book in each track that will be discussed every other month on our Slack channel with our experts, your peers, and, in some cases, the authors. You can do one track, both tracks, pick and choose….or none at all.

Sample titles: Inclusion: Diversity, The Workplace & The Will to Change, Reset, Athena Rising, I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in World Made for Whiteness, Blind Spot, Stamped from the Beginning, Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn…and so-forth. We might even do A Handmaid’s Tale.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at thedot@women2.com.

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