D&I is hard stuff.

If you’re here, you already know that building a company that’s diverse, balanced and inclusive is important. You also probably know that  doing this isn’t easy .

Getting access to real D&I expertise and knowledge  also isn’t easy , can be expensive , and trudging through such complex problems is sometimes overwhelming .

We give you direction.

We  pulled together the brainpower  for you, and are giving you access  to what thought leaders are thinking and doing as they work to create better companies.

Combining a an expert pool, a growing resource marketplace of D&I information with peer-to-peer networking, The Dot will give you informed analysis , help you make better decisions , and make your D&I work more tangible, straightforward and exciting.

Who it’s for.

If you’re formally or informally in charge of D&I work  in your company – large or small – The Dot is the perfect solution for you. A practical way to get your knowledge to the next level.



Our grounding.

The Dot is brought to you by the team at Women 2.0. We’ve been doing this sort of stuff for over a decade, and we couldn’t be more happy to continue working with you in new ways, open more doors and keep pushing forward as we focus on our collective missions.

We work on a lot over here, and have some great support. Check us out if you get the chance.

We’d love you to join us!

Need more? We have full D&I consulting services, and provide training, workshops etc. Please email thedot@women2.com.

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