How to Create a Culture of Belonging in the Workplace

Summary of our call on creating a workplace environment that’s not only diverse and inclusive, but creates a true sense of belonging, with expert Jennifer Brown, Founder & CEO of JBC.

If you lead diversity, equity and inclusion work in your organization, you’ll know that this work can be both rewarding and difficult. It can often come with a limited workplace foundation, a steep learning curve, and few resources to work with. Hopefully there’s and equal “pull” from leadership, but not always. 

So, how can we further build upon the concepts of diversity and inclusion, and be more strategic about creating a workplace culture of belonging?

We sat down with Jennifer Brown, Founder and CEO of JBC, to discuss how DEI professionals can do just that. During the call, we discussed:

  • The changing conversation around D&I (or I&D).
  • Increasing organizational and leadership appetite for diversity and inclusion.
  • Covering and allyship in the workplace.
  • Encouraging internal conversation around D&I (or I&D).
  • The dangers of “compassion fatigue and the importance of self-care for advocates. 

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