Conference Call: How Becoming a Parent Affects Women and Men’s Salaries and Careers Differently

The gender pay gap has been a subject of intense scrutiny, and rightly so. But beyond the simple measurements, there are lessons of intersectionality at play. Becoming a parent impacts wages; positively if you are a father, but negatively if you are a mother. Gender stereotypes influence hiring and promotion decisions. Recent research shows the impact and mechanisms behind this phenomenon.

Join us and guest Steven Huang, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Culture Amp, to discuss the research, and how to think about it in your own workplace or career.


DATE: February 28th
TIME: 2pm EST / 11am PST




Steven Huang is the Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Culture Amp, the employee feedback platform for over 2,000 companies globally. Prior, he founded the People Analytics teams at Facebook and Square and comes from a family of D&I advocates! His focus is on reducing income inequality by bridging the gap between research and practice.


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