17 Ways VC Funds Can Build Inclusive Communities to Support Women and Underrepresented Entrepreneurs

The funds that limit their community activities to just their portfolio – people who look like them, people who went to their school, or people who are networked enough to get a warm intro to pitch for investment – are missing out on opportunities for deal flow, portfolio growth, insight, and inspiration.

There isn’t always a clear ROI on community for venture capital funds, at least not right away. The entrepreneurs, executives, advisors, co-investors, partners, talent, and friends your team connects with today, and connects with each other, will likely start and join new companies in 2–10 years. And the seed-stage companies you passed on, or didn’t have the chance to invest in yet, will be fundraising again in the future. The investors that are most helpful to an entrepreneur, regardless of an investment commitment, will be the investors they recommend to friends and pitch again in the future.


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